About SmileMat

SmileMat was made to help people of all body shapes, sizes, and activity levels. This diamond in the rough was developed after years of trial and error for pain relief.


As a recreational athlete (weightlifter, skydiver, rock climber), I'm used to my muscles not being super happy with me. Between practicing my hobbies and craning my neck over a computer screen at a full-time sales job, my body had worked up a good amount of tension.

Like most people, I wrote the pain off as normal and relied heavily on my chiropractor. After a quick back crack from the doc and some symptom relief, life went on as usual for me — I didn't know that I needed to change my daily routine to include a self-care routine that would help my situation from getting worse.

Obviously, the pain came back and made it harder to sleep, which affected me at work and made me even more stressed - I was caught in a vicious cycle and I needed out.

To be clear: the chiropractor visits weren't the problem (shouts out Dr. Grant) - the problem was that I was relying on bi-weekly appointments to fix a daily problem.

I got more stressed as my residual pain started eating up more of my time, and eventually I enlisted the help of an orthopedic doctor too. During one of my visits, I saw a sign on his wall that suggested acupuncture and acupressure, so I asked him if it was actually a good way to relieve pain. He said it worked well for a lot of conditions, and he'd personally seen the most results for suffering from back pain. I mustered up the courage to admit that I hate needles, so he pointed me to acupressure as a good place to start (he assured me that it was less intrusive than acupuncture but could still offer the same benefits)

I ending up deciding to stop by a local reflexology spot to try it out. After reluctantly spending the $60 for 20 minutes, I chatted up my caretaker to learn more about what was going on; it was basically just a massage focused on specific pressure points to relieve tension... it felt pretty good but it was hardly worth 3 bucks a minute to me to get momentary relief (the pain came back after a day or two of my normal routine).

After trying the less intrusive route with no luck, I decided to try and look past my fear of needles and reach out to an acupuncture practitioner in my area - I'd heard about people laying on beds of nails thousands of years ago to relax but I always thought it was more of a mental exercise... I couldn't imagine the idea of people who were excited to jump on a bed of spikes!

It wasn't nearly as bad as I thought; the thin silver needles being placed all over my back and neck relieved my pain for about a week — it helped me break that vicious, stress-inducing cycle for a little bit. Acupuncture isn't for the faint of heart, though: I felt most of the needles throughout the whole process (that means going in, staying in, and coming out). While it did feel good after the first few pokes, the $120 price tag had me listening to Everybody Hurts by REM the whole ride home.

This whole adventure got me thinking...

If I'm struggling this much to find relief - how many people are having the same issue? 

After everything was said and done I learned from my chiropractor that most of the problems people come to him with can be prevented with daily self-care; however, most people don't have the time or the means to make that happen. 

Our conversation and my experience motivated me to create a better tool for people who suffer from residual pain to get relief - so I created SmileMat!

The SmileMat blends the ideas behind acupuncture and acupressure to reap the benefits of both - preventative self-care has never been made easier or more affordable.

With the help of gravity and 7,992 plastic micro-spikes spread across 266 groupings, the SmileMat and SmilePillow loosen up tight muscle fascia by simulating a deep-tissue massage - helping you relieve pain and soothe stress anywhere, at anytime!

Experience true bliss in as little as 20 minutes: from the comfort of your own home, on a work trip in your hotel, or on a hike!

Try it for yourself!