A Better Way to Get Relief

SmileMat came to life because of a bored health nut with a vision:

"Health and happiness without the hassle"

The SmileMat was made to help people of all body shapes, sizes, and activity levels. I discovered this diamond in the rough after years of going to the chiropractor for adjustments and massages. I'm no Arnold Schwarzenegger when I workout, but I was definitely feeling residual soreness in my muscles and joints.

From Bad to Worse

Things increasingly worsened through lack of proper tension relief. The pain was hurting my sleep schedule, which affected me at work and made me even more stressed - I needed help.

Weekly chiropractor visits weren't just burning a hole in my pocket, they didn't even seem to help on an ongoing basis. In fact, sometimes things felt even worse than they did when I walked in!

The Final Straw

My mom got fed up and finally decided she would try acupressure as an alternative treatment after years of trying traditional methods to no avail. I'm more hard-headed and had never tried acupressure, so I bit the bullet and kept trying the same treatment methods and expecting different results (literally the definition of insanity).

My mom came back glowing after just one acupressure treatment.

I'm talking "watch your 60 year old mother smile while do jumping jacks" glowing!

Naturally, that got me thinking...

If acupressure was able to help my mom get instant relief after just one treatment - is it possible that this could help people all over the world who are experiencing similar issues every day? 

A Smile is Born

My mom's results motivated me to want to share the same sense of relaxation and relief with other people like her around the world - so I created the SmileMat!

Continuous acupressure treatment has never been made more accessible or affordable. Why pay hundreds of dollars for treatments or an expensive "high-end" mat when you can get more pressure points for a lower price? 

Get your SmileMat today and see what all of the hype is about!