How to Use the SmileMat

The SmileMat is designed as a daily self-care tool - which means you'll want to use it at least once every day for 15-30 minutes to maximize the benefits!

Everybody's different, so it's important to test your comfortability level with the spikes to figure out what's best for you personally!

FIRST TIMERS: We recommend wearing a thin layer of clothing at first, then gradually reducing clothing coverage as you get used to the spikes. We also recommend starting off using it on a softer surface at first, rather than on a hard floor right away (on the couch or on a bed, for example)

EXPERTS/DAREDEVILS: Try using your SmileMat directly on the ground or on a harder floor with minimal clothing coverage to maximize the amount of skin making direct contact with the spike groupings.

"What's it going to feel like?"

Most people report feeling a warm, tingling sensation which creates a state of deep relaxation. Some people may experience sensations of weightlessness, euphoria, and/or fall asleep while using the mat.

Most peoples' skin will also become red on the areas where the spikes were applied. Don't worry - that's just blood flowing at a higher rate through those areas! 

Below are some example mat positions - don't let them stop you from getting creative! :)

How to Use the SmileMat: Back Example PositionHow to Use the SmileMat: Stomach Example Position

How to Use the SmileMat: Jaw Example PositionHow to Use the SmileMat: Seated Example Position