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What is "Acupressure"?

Everyone deserves a Smile

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While acupressure has shown amazing promise to reduce the painful symptoms of conditions like Fibromyalgia and Sciatica, the SmileMat doesn't discriminate!

Whether you're a couch potato college kid, an overworked professional, an aspiring athlete, or a mom who just turned 27 for the 17th year in row - nobody should have to put up with the compounding stress caused by day-to-day activities (or the resulting pain).

Don't just take our word for it...

According to the American Psychological Association:

"When muscles are taut and tense for long periods of time, this may trigger other reactions of the body and even promote stress-related disorders. For example, both tension-type headache and migraine headache are associated with chronic muscle tension in the area of the shoulders, neck and head. Musculoskeletal pain in the low back and upper extremities has also been linked to stress, especially job stress.

For those who develop chronic pain conditions, stress-relieving activities have been shown to improve mood and daily function."

Say goodbye to pain and stress, say hello to relaxation!

Reported Benefits from Regular Acumat Users